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S1 E1 Sword Fighting

Best friends Sam Riegel & Liam O’Brien need an excuse to hang out, so we gave them a new show based on their hit podcast of the same name! Catch the premiere episode of All Work No Play, in which Liam & Sam are joined by their pal Will Friedle for a lesson in the amazing art (and craft) of sword fighting.

All Work No Play airs Fridays at 7pm Pacific on the Critical Role Twitch channel at:

AWNP Episode 15 (Legacy)

Sam & Liam ask the important questions- Is this a podcast? What are we doing? Did you hit record? All this and more, in 2017's thrilling episode.

AWNP Episode 14 (Legacy)

Live from Sac Anime, with the specialist of guests. (harp music!)

AWNP Episode 13 (Legacy)

Still alive.

AWNP Episode 12 (Legacy)

After a brief 8 month hiatus, AWNP is back in the saddle! Possibly facing the wrong direction, but back in the saddle!

AWNP Episode 11 (Legacy)

It's a dog eat dog world. On the road with special guest, Roger Craig Smith. (yes, we're still here)

AWNP Episode 10 (Legacy)

Stiff Toys, Hunger Games, and the Horse-acuda. Another road show, this time with VO newcomer, Jennifer Hale.

AWNP Episode 9 (Legacy)

A new year and new beginnings, on a very special episode of AllWorkNoPlay...

AWNP Episode 8 (Legacy)

Civil Unions and Ultimate Muscles, with a bit of Kathy Bates, and a splash of tequila. Our first episode recorded on the road! 

AWNP Episode 7 (Legacy)

Flame wars and the future. Reunited and it feels so good.